Saturday, 2 October 2010

The start of Autumn

Ferragamo pumps 15.00 suede and leather bag 28.00 snakeskin camel pumps 14.00

sheepskin 80.00

sleeveless flannel 16.00


lizzie said...

oh goshh those cream cable knit jumpers look perfect! as soon as I get home from uni, i'm going straight to Cow Birmingham ;)

Anonymous said...

I remember you from glastonbury! Which is odd :-S But i remember you were waearing cool glasses and you accidently ripped her fiver! And i always see you in cow in manchester! :-O

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with Cow Vintage. Now I've finally got a little job that can cater for my shopping expenses, I intend to spend very penny in there.

Can't believe my wardrobe didn't occupy cow vintage clothing at one time, it seems unreal lol.