Friday, 29 November 2013


As you may have noticed the Christmas hype is getting pretty serious as we start to approach the 1st December. We have our own kind of gift ideas being vintage lovers and employees. We are thinking handmade and reworked flannel/denim twin set with matching scrunchie, cropped knitwear with matching scrunchie, handmade hair bows and head bands, mittens and beanies with bows on are probably what we will expect to share out with our loved ones this year. 

You can't go wrong with one off gifts that have been lovingly made with recycled fabrics and you will definitely avoid the embarrassment of opening the same thing as someone one else on Christmas morning. This got us thinking about some of the gifts that people would receive every year and have to force out that pretend 'Thank you' to those clueless family members who probably just shouldn't have bothered.. The 80's was a particularly wonderful time for bad gifts, and hair, because there were no online wishlists or facebook you could share and make sure you get what you really want. Even though we kind of loved them at the time, theses items are mere car boot compost now. 

Here are some of our favourite unwanted gifts and awkward Christmas mornings of the 80s and 90s. 

Don't get caught out this year and be prepared. Visit WWW.WEARECOW.COM or pop into your nearest store for the best gifts this Christmas!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

IN THE PRESS: Olive Magazine

WEARECOW are featured in the new issue of Olive Magazine! This shoot
featuring model Linnea Melander (and a few dinosaurs here and there) was produced by two of our Manchester employees, Lucie and Sophie. The outfits are styled with up and coming designer Nina Burton who graduated this summer from Manchester School of Art.

Photographer: Lucie Crewdson
Stylist: Sophie Benson
MUA: Dom Desveaux

Clothing featured is WEARECOW and Nina Burton

Sunday, 24 November 2013


More snaps of our lovely customers in Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham. This week it's all about what coat you are wearing over your lovely outfits. Whether it's a trench, bomber, fur coat or a leather jacket, they all look rather wonderful!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Sam Stants Shoot

Here's just a little preview of our recent shoot with model Sam Stants, for the new website launch. Sam came up from London for a two day shoot on location in Manchester and also in the WEARECOW Studio! Final images will be online from December 6th. It's coming soon!! 

Photography: Richard Manning
Model: Sam Stants @ Oxygen Models

Friday, 22 November 2013

FLASHBACK: Hot Hollywood

Today is a celebration of old Hollywood and the young stars of America who made the Movie Industry an exciting place to be! Or an excuse to look at some hot people from the 1950's and their awesome original style...

James Dean

Oooohhhh James Dean, the icon of Men's 50's style and the bad boy persona. Boys take note of his effortless charm, and his three key looks, the leather jacket, the bomber jacket and the pea coat. Oh and jeans of course. The ultimate poster boy for old Hollywood, and many bedroom walls!

Marilyn Monroe

So we could never leave Marilyn Monroe out of the equation, the glamorous and sweet star of the 50's, with curves to die for. But it was when Marilyn was dressed in her cute polo necks that she looked her hottest, teamed with fitted trousers or aline skirts, she looked demure and amazingggggg!! 

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando aka 'The Wild One', another fan of the leather jacket but this time it's all about teaming it with the classic t-shirt and a baker boy hat. Maybe don't write your name on yours though, cute in the movies but not so much in real life! (Also how good does he look in that first image).

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn and her little elfin face is our final Hot Hollywood star. Audrey had a style that was elegant and graceful but with a little playful touch that now looks so contemporary. With perfect hair hair and eyebrows, and that cute hat in the first image, she looks like a modern day star! 

Fancy a little more Hollywood inspiration, then check out the looks of Brigitte Bardot, Tab Hunter, Patricia Neal, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Steve McQueen, Sandy Dennis, Lee Remick...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A/W CAMPAIGN SHOOT: Behind The Scenes

We just shot the new Autumn/Winter Campaign for WEARECOW!! Evie and Lewis were our models who looked amazing in the outfits which were styled by brand stylist Helen and shot by our photographer Richard. Here's the behind the scenes pictures and a sneak look at the fab outfits...

The full A/W Campaign will be online on December 6th for the launch of the brand new website!!!

Photographer: Richard Manning
Stylist: Helen McGuckin
Models: Evie and Lewis @ Boss Model Management

COW WELCOMES: Brown Brogues

Mark and Ben from Brown Brogues came to see us at COW Manchester after releasing their latest album 'Triflin'. The boys had some photos taken with our photographer Richard and answered a few questions for us...

If you could pick just 3 musical influences what would they be?
Mark: Just three would have to be Velvet Underground, Suicide and The Strokes
Ben: John dwyer, Shallac, Maurace Day and the Time

If you weren’t in Brown Brogues what would you be? 
Mark: Failing at acting 
Ben: Mid level managment in a job I hate

Who would you most like to be sat next to on a long train journey?
Mark: A long train journey? Probably nobody because they would get annoying after a while or someone really anti-social and wouldnt wanna talk.
Ben: A rich, generous drunk

What is your guilty pleasure song?  
Mark: Dancing in the dark by Bruce Springsteen for alot of people the Boss isnt a guilty pleasure but I cant stand anything else he's done
Ben: Anything by Phil Collins

What’s the worst/best song you’ve played in a dj set? 
Mark: Gotta be Yellow Submarine dropped it mid set by accident once but then put it on again later on purpose
Ben: I like droppin stuff off john carpenter soundtracks, assault on precinct 13 is a club banger waiting to happen

Best thing either of you have dressed up as?

Mark: I once dressed up as an elephant
Ben: My mum ran out of fancy dress ideas so I had to go as "holiday 98" it was very high concept/shit

Where has been your favourite place to play? 

Mark: Probably the boat we played on in stockholm for a garage festival called whole lotta midsommer or sxsw...the first time. 
Ben: All the places we played in France

Have you any style icons?!?!  

Mark: Not particularly I like to steal from everywhere and everyone, to single one person out probably juilian casablancas.
Ben: If you see me you will realise i dont

Top five places in Manchester? 
Mark: In no particular order. The Castle, Pawn shop, Oaklahoma, Common  and anywhere that sells mexican food.
Ben: Pawn shop, Cornerhouse, Magma, Takk Coffee, Temple

Favourite city? 
Mark: Uk I'd say gotta be Manchester. But favourite is New York
Ben: Austin or Manchester

You can catch the band live: 
28th Nov Dulcimer, Chorlton (support TBC)

'Triflin' is available now from Brown Brogues online store!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

GET THE LOOK: Chloe Sevigny

Oh my how hot was Chloe Sevigny in the 90's! Of course she's still super stylish but we looked back to her looks from the era of grunge for some up to date inspiration. Chloe is also the perfect poster girl for our upcoming Bloom and Gloom Trend, (keep an eye out for the look book which will be on the new website coming soon!!) We picked out the key pieces to create some Sevigny Snazziness...

70's Floral Dress: £15
Striped Knit Jumper: Coming Soon
Saddle Bag: £38

Leather Skirt: £20
Fringed Crop: Coming Soon
Paisley Top: Coming Soon

Pussybow Blouse: Coming Soon
Orange Shorts: £14

Floral Dress: £22
Black Crop Tee: £13

And a couple of little extras..!

Red Crop Tee: £12
Brown Leather Skirt: £16
Knit Blanket Jacket: Coming Soon
Red Floral Dress: £20
Grey Metal Belt: £12
Denim Jacket: Coming Soon