Wednesday, 20 November 2013

COW WELCOMES: Brown Brogues

Mark and Ben from Brown Brogues came to see us at COW Manchester after releasing their latest album 'Triflin'. The boys had some photos taken with our photographer Richard and answered a few questions for us...

If you could pick just 3 musical influences what would they be?
Mark: Just three would have to be Velvet Underground, Suicide and The Strokes
Ben: John dwyer, Shallac, Maurace Day and the Time

If you weren’t in Brown Brogues what would you be? 
Mark: Failing at acting 
Ben: Mid level managment in a job I hate

Who would you most like to be sat next to on a long train journey?
Mark: A long train journey? Probably nobody because they would get annoying after a while or someone really anti-social and wouldnt wanna talk.
Ben: A rich, generous drunk

What is your guilty pleasure song?  
Mark: Dancing in the dark by Bruce Springsteen for alot of people the Boss isnt a guilty pleasure but I cant stand anything else he's done
Ben: Anything by Phil Collins

What’s the worst/best song you’ve played in a dj set? 
Mark: Gotta be Yellow Submarine dropped it mid set by accident once but then put it on again later on purpose
Ben: I like droppin stuff off john carpenter soundtracks, assault on precinct 13 is a club banger waiting to happen

Best thing either of you have dressed up as?

Mark: I once dressed up as an elephant
Ben: My mum ran out of fancy dress ideas so I had to go as "holiday 98" it was very high concept/shit

Where has been your favourite place to play? 

Mark: Probably the boat we played on in stockholm for a garage festival called whole lotta midsommer or sxsw...the first time. 
Ben: All the places we played in France

Have you any style icons?!?!  

Mark: Not particularly I like to steal from everywhere and everyone, to single one person out probably juilian casablancas.
Ben: If you see me you will realise i dont

Top five places in Manchester? 
Mark: In no particular order. The Castle, Pawn shop, Oaklahoma, Common  and anywhere that sells mexican food.
Ben: Pawn shop, Cornerhouse, Magma, Takk Coffee, Temple

Favourite city? 
Mark: Uk I'd say gotta be Manchester. But favourite is New York
Ben: Austin or Manchester

You can catch the band live: 
28th Nov Dulcimer, Chorlton (support TBC)

'Triflin' is available now from Brown Brogues online store!

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