Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ralph Lauren.. Then and Now

Ralph Lauren is a household name and any fashion enthusiast will know it is a Brand with some serious history. We see the Ralph Lauren Polo logo daily in COW and today we have chosen to look back at Ralph Lauren, who he is and what he has created.

For us here at Cow we are very used to seeing the Ralph Lauren emblem on men's and women's shirts which are often played around with by our Rework team. We are always receiving these styles and they are usually transformed from the regular shirt into mini dresses with elasticated waists or the more recent cropped elasticated version.

Looking back at how the brand started and the way it has grown into such an incredible designer label we are lucky to have this brand in our stores and online.
It all began with the man, they call, Ralph Lauren. Born in 1939 from the Bronx, he didn't enjoy studying much and dropped out of college where he had been studying Business. Ironic, eh? He joked in his year book statement that he was going to be a millionaire and then went on to establish and grow a multi-billion dollar corporation starting with selling ties to his fellow students.

It wasn't until 1970 when we were first introduced to the classic Polo emblem which was sewn onto the sleeve of jackets from his first ladies suit collection tailor made in the same way as a man's suit would be made.  He hit a rough patch in 1987 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He underwent serious surgery and came out the the other side with full health and made a full recovery.

Ralph Lauren then went on to open stores internationally, design Ready To Wear Collections season after season and gain well deserved respect in the Fashion Industry. He is still going strong today and we must say not looking too bad for an older gent with a lot of years of experience behind him.

 Young Ralph, looking pretty darn handsome and cool!

Older Ralph, looking very dapper and pleased!

Check out our versions of the Ralph Lauren classic pieces on our website here.


Alexandra Waring said...

Love this! Great insight into a great designer. He does look very dapper indeed!

Womens Clothing said...

Tie dye shirt dress is awesome. I would like to buy it......