Thursday, 14 March 2013

Big Up Blog Love!

 We have been welcoming fashion bloggers to work with COW to see great outfit builds, not only show their own personal and unique style but also to give to give the rest of us some new tips on how to wear some of our vintage and reworked pieces.

Even our reworked items are still one off and unlike any other because even though we use the same techniques on our garments, we use a different selection of fabrics to old and new pieces to create a modern version of our 80's and 90's classics.

We have a list of great bloggers now who are happy to play dress up with COW Vintage and from the feedback we've had those pieces have slotted very easily into their own wardrobes!

We chose wisely when looking into bloggers to make sure we had a great range of personal styles, ages and popularity on the blogging game. Some you may have heard of and some you may not but here are COW's favourite from all over the UK.

Gemma Rose Breger - Fashion Blogger and Celebrity Stylist

Claire - Style Junkie and Fashion Journalist for Exposed Magazine

Kayla Hadlington - Student, Fashion Addict and Tumblr Queen

Tasha Hinde - Country Girl and Style/ Beauty Blogger - Loves Designer Looks for Less

Alexandra Waring - Student, Street Style Photographer and Contributor for Liberty Belle Magazine

Ellie Burns - Student, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

What a lovely bunch of pretty and talented ladies who I am sure will keep us all updated and interested in their next outfit post featuring COW vintage or not! There is also a great range of information on what's going on in your area, places they have visited and what they are up to.

Keep checking their blogs to make sure you see all of the newest Rework product coming into our stores and online and expect to see these names popping up a lot more around our own blog.

A massive Thank you from COW for being involved x


claire (jazzpad.) said...

Oh yeaaaaah! So nice to see the other girlies involved too... Did I hear someone say COW blogger night out? xxx

Tasha Hinde said...

Yes Claire!! This defo needs to be organised!