Wednesday, 28 August 2013

NY Diary #2 Williamsburg Brooklyn. 14th Street

Williamsburg with its bevy of babes, allures in artists, musicians and the relaxed cool of the city, with its Block Party’s, fleas and beautiful views. Based on the outskirts of Brooklyn it mixes the old docks, factories and industrial red brick buildings, like those seen on Boardwalk Empire which is filmed just around the corner at Greenpoint with modern boutiques, thrift stores and tasty eateries. With a hung-over belly and Air con on the mind the main focus for Sunday Williamsburg goers is food, more importantly brunch.  Five leaves is the first port of call with tattooed, short fringed babe waitresses and equally lush chef’s it is uber popular, the Que is crazy, but the hour wait is worth it.
 This Sunday we had a random awesome find, along 14th street was the BORED STROKED PORTED Block party , Hosted by New York City Vintage Motor show, The streets filled with the hottest most shinniest Bikes, gorgeous bikers and live music of the metal variety.

At Cow, Denim is one of our fundamental staples, it goes with everything it lasts for almost ever and girls and guys look equally hot in it. America loves it and definitely knows how to make it good, so we source all of ours from here. Notably Williamsburg loves it just as much, whether worn with a graphic tee,grungy shirt or something a little more western we sell them all at cow. While summer comes to a close we see the beginnings of layering pieces, combining cute raw edge shorts, with kimono, crop and boots.Or maybe just a simple denim jacket for late nights.

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