Monday, 5 August 2013

WE ARE COW // NY Diary #1 Rockaway

This summer sees COW VINTAGE state side, sourcing all the lush vintage pieces for in-store and online. We totally want to pick up on the New York Vibes, showing you what inspires us and the random things that happen all over the city. Whilst its hot hot hot in the UK and you guys are still stocking up on swimmys and our super cute short shorts we checked out Rockaway Beach, surf central and taco heaven.
When the Air Con isn't enough, New Yorkers head to the ocean, with tons of beaches a subway ride away.

The faves: Coney Island, Rockaway and anywhere upstate

                                                             Ariel ~ surfer and ocean babe

Arjun <3 Tanya ~ Cuties totally Sunkissed

The Rockaway Beach essentials, surfboard, as it appears without that you're not allowed in the sea and the life guards get pretty intense with the whistles, so some decent ear plugs wouldn't go a miss either.
Sunscreen you don't do crispy in NY, which is also a song played frequently in the Cow Sheffield store and pretty much the best song EVER.
Style, keep it simple and bright, you want your friends to be able to find you amongst the gazillion of bikini babes and also changing back into your underwear is a nightmare in anything complicated, we've definitely seen some interesting towel hugging, getting changed moves.
In the pics .. Ariel ...yep thats his real name AMAZING !!! wears a wild Hawaiian print shirt over his diving suit...erm yes please!!! Surf conscious and on trend. 
Arjun and Tanya do beach romance in earthy tones and animal prints, keeping it simple.
The girls, its best to wear little when eating a taco, it could get messy. In Love with 90's caps and Neon Rucksacks, bleached hair and of course if you've got it flaunt it in a retro swimmy.
Lu makes beach to street style look effortless, it's all in the print silk pumpkin pants. 'they're just so cute right? my friend got them me today' we think they're lush and look super cute with a strappy crop .

Girls, Tacos and Major Bods

Lu ~ Total sweetheart going from Beach to Bar 

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