Monday, 9 September 2013

NY Diary #3 Brooklyn Flea & Brunch

So we have sunday car boots, muddy football fields  and Ducktales on VHS. Yeh it's ok and yes everything tends to be under a fiver, you will probably make at least one friend over 70 and leave with a niggling feeling that you should have bought that teapot. Brooklyn's different, like you see in films there are very few fields in the city and when there is they're massive and cornered off and quite often have a zoo in or at least a small menagerie. So instead of the car boot they have flea which is a cool way of saying lush boutique stores under a canopy in a playground. They're amazing, copious amounts of delicious food from company's all over the city appear, I have massive love for Dough the best Doughnut stand, EVER. They're huge, incredible and coated in the best sort of icing you could imagine. The Flea see's tents selling intentional worn denim, beautiful lace dresses. Vibrant 60's kitchen everythings, Star wars figures vs Trolls, little tin things I'm not sure what for even vintage fairground parts. And the best thing about all these things is the variety of gorgeous people that it attracts.

Loose tee's girls and boys

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