Thursday, 5 September 2013

TOUGH GUYS: AW '13 Punk Trend

Skinheads and Punk subcultures are very different and carry quite an angry and hostile history with them but to avoid me rewriting my University dissertation again today we will only be talking about the fashion and style that emerged and has been recreated for years since.

It's an instantly recognisable style which has been moving into the mainstream for years now. The look and culture was at it's strongest during the 1980s but began in the late 60's and went hand in hand with common values of anti-establishments, non conformity, direct action and not selling out, which makes it a funny one to be so on trend! There was a strong unity in style and almost 'gang' mentality but we look up to their DIY and individual ethic which is something we do believe in so we have chosen this style as one of our favourite A/W '13 trends.
Here are some classic punks who we do look up to for what they do, believe in and of course their icon styles!



Here are some classic skin head girls who have the iconic denim, Fred Perry polo shirt, Dr Martins, braces and skinhead look which we all know, more recently from the 2006 Shane Meadows movie This is England which caused a stir and brought a huge skinhead revival back to life!

This is a brilliant book.. even if you don't care much for the history, origin, music, attitude and lifestyle which is all covered in there, you may enjoy the clear, raw, emotional photography!
To bring us more up to date here are some images from the February A/W13 shows which show inspirations and ideas from this time:

Here are a few of our favourite images that show old and modern images that represent this trend:

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