Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Lorde is one of the most popular 16 year olds on the planet right now! With an EP released in March this year and her first album Pure Herione out last week it's hard to miss her tracks when you turn on the radio or a music channel. 

We are loving Lorde because of her realistic view on the world and the music industry from a regular 16 year old. Her single 'Royals' gives you her version of what it's actually like to be a teen and not be able to go to bars, drive around and drinkin' cristal! Her music is catchy and upbeat and makes you want to dance and relax at the same time. 


As you know we are big fans of a laid back look and Lorde is proving that you don't need to be flashy to look fancy. With staple tees and knitwear and even styled in some of the biggest fashion magazines in grey marl and soft jerseys. She wears it well with statement hair and a hint of subtle bling but we just love it. All of it! 

Oh.. if only we were that cool at 16! Here is our Get the Look with some of our best casual pieces to dress up and down as you please!


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