Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Foxes aka Louisa Rose Allen is a total fox! As well as that she has us dancing around our shops, studio and homes with her new singles accompanied by some wonderfully styled music videos!

Her catchy new singles Youth and Echo show her range and how a strong voice with a great tune can make for one hell of a good catchy pop song! We're not usually big pop fans at COW but Foxes might have changed us. 

We also have a huge style crush! She can pretty much wear any style and it looks great. We're guessing she doesn't normally run round a sequinned body suit like she does so well in the Youth video, but even your regular vintage tee, leather jacket and high-waisted shorts look like something special on her never mind those uber-cute Mickey Mouse Ears!

We highly recommend if you haven't already heard of Foxes you get straight to her YouTube Channel and listen to every single song and dance around while you do so.

If you want to hear more from Foxes make sure to check out the links below and her Instagram which shows just how cute she is in real life! She's not playing over here just yet but we will have to put a bit of sparkle on to go and see her soon.

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