Friday, 17 May 2013

James Quaintance - Get The Look

Every now and again people come into the public eye and you know they will definitely make a mark on us all. Whether it is in Fashion, Art, Movies, or Music, for decades we have been intrigued with an particular attitude and style that we undoubtably want to be involved in.

Today we are looking at the newest member of this group, model and skateboarder James Quaintance who's cocky, rebellious attitude and ability to mix old school style to classic gent to sportswear in the blink of an eye. Here at COW we all agree he has the charisma, attitude and style to pull off a long lasting style icon name for himself and we are looking at how to get this look.

COW is a haven of vintage clothes and accessories so, like James Quaintance, you can build up your own style using clothes once used for previous subcultures. Here are some of our favourite pieces we have chosen, inspired by James Quaintance but for you to wear how you wish!

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