Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FLASHBACK: Romeo And Juliet

Remember when Summer's were all about chasing ice cream trucks and water fights with your friends and your mum and dad shouting at you to put some shoes on. It seems Summer days now are all about trying for the perfect tan or choosing from which 10 selfie pics to upload. Our Flashbacks are going to be a shot back in time when we all had less to worry about and a lot more lolz! We will be revisiting old music, couples, movies, heartthrobs, heartbreakers and moments that we may have forgotten.

Today we have been talking about The Great Gatsby which we have decided was good but just didn't cut it as Baz's best movie. We all agreed that title has to go to Romeo and Juliet! With the young, fresh faced Leo and pretty, angelic Claire Danes in the nostalgic  'In Love But Can't Be Together' torment storyline, filmed beautifully and complete with a timeless soundtrack (also better than Gatsby's).

This is probably one of our favourite films of all time and a great start to our Flashback series.
1996 maybe before your time or if, like some of us, you can remember the feeling you had when you first watched it and it only feels like a few years ago, here is a little reminder to what you've been missing since the last time you pressed play, sang along and cried like a baby.

We highly recommend seeing this and enjoying the roller coaster of emotion as well as the breath taking scenes, costumes, colours and music throughout.

Here are a couple of our favourite hits from the film and '96!

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