Tuesday, 27 August 2013


It's only every now and then that a band will come out with both a great sound with an interesting style. The four piece band Peace is one of those bands that are easy to watch and take a charming photograph as well as giving us some of the best Summer songs this year!

No one wants to see a band that has been heavily styled into the cool one, the cheeky one, the naughty one and the heartthrob (well some might).. but we prefer to see a band that oozes attitude and personality and is not afraid to put it out there with their wardrobe.

As you know we're fond of patterned silk shirts, tees, denim and leather and we are looking to Peace for a Get The Look and not just to get their look as the newest, coolest band around right now but because they are not afraid to wear what they want or however they want to wear it.. 

Here are a few pieces from WWW.WEARECOW.COM that will ensure you are a step ahead of the rest of the street.

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