Friday, 6 September 2013

FLASHBACK: Heartbreak High

We have been discussing this weeks Flashback and we have reeled through a lot of funny memories but decided to go with Heartbreak High. 

The Australian TV Series ran from 1994 -1999. The whole series followed the group made up of your usual crew of babes, hotties, hunks, the hippies, the alternative ones and we followed their day to day life of fun and frolics living near the Ozzie beach. Their home life, love lives, teenage struggles, dreams, happiness and sadness. It was griping and while we were sat at home in our probably rainy British homes it gave you a sense of excitement and fantasy and you couldn't wait to see what they did next.

It was such a good cast and almost everyone you knew had a favourite and looked up to and more than likely definitely fell in love with at least one of them.. Here were our favourite characters:







He had an eyebrow piercing, he rollerbladed, he lived in a warehouse. We're going to say it, we're still kind of pining for this guy.

Oh the good ol' days eh?!
Who was your favourite? 

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