Wednesday, 4 September 2013

THE NEW KING: King Krule Rules!

Not George, we're talking about the other young, cute little redhead that will be king.. uber cool King Krule!!

Archy Marshall aka King Krule is on everyones lips and in everyones ears at the moment as he releases the debut album '6 Feet Beneath The Moon'. This London lad has the face of an adorable innocent teenager but the musical knowledge and talent of a not so innocent teenager. Being surrounded by music since a young age and with a strong love for 1950's rockabilly rhythm and lifestyle he is coming out with some of the most pleasant and catchy songs we've heard for a while now. We love how his voice doesn't really match his person and we will definitely be watching out for more from him.

His recent collaboration with Mount Kimbie is also a huge success and (we expect) this is just the beginning of many more collaborations to come.  

There is a European tour starting in October and will be passing through The Harley in Sheffield on Thursday 3rd October and The Ruby Lounge in Manchester on Saturday 5th October so try and get down to see, we will definitely be attending!

Here's a couple of favourites of ours so far:

King Krule/Zoo Kid - Out Getting Ribs

King Krule - Easy Easy

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