Friday, 4 October 2013

FLASHBACK: Teen Nightmares

It's finally October, our favourite month of the year! Golden leaves on the floor, new boots on your feet, new coats on your back and fancy dress planned with fun to be had! Of course it's Halloween! The time of year when you can look deep into your darkest side, dress up and act like a gaul!

On the run up to Halloween our Flashback series will take a darker twist and we will look at those movies, costumes and sounds that at one time made you cover your eyes or gave you the shivers!
Today we're remembering the first time we watched, what felt like the scariest films ever but actually just classic spooky, movies from a younger age. 

Kinda cute looking but flying witches.. err scary. 

You think it's going well and it's Roald Dahl so surely it's not scary... then she rips her hair and face off! Arghh!!

A group of school girls who take bullying to the next level. 
With the 'Light as a feather,  stiff as a board' trick we've all tried at a sleepover?!

Winona Ryder (goth) brings out the best of her new house!

Young, troubled boy struggling to fit into a normal life. Shame Tumblr wasn't around at the time.

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