Saturday, 19 October 2013


We've had this exhibition marked in our diaries for so long now and we are so excited to go and see it as Isabella Blow was such a massive character and inspiration who came to life though her work and style. 

If you don't know about Isabella Blow she pretty much kick started careers for fashion designers, models and photographers throughout the 1980's as well as becoming one of the hardest working editors for many publications. She discovered and nurtured talents such as Alexander McQueen, Phillip Treacy, Sophie Dahl, Stella Tenant and well known for her artist collaborations with Steven Meisel and David LaChappelle. 

Isabella Blow is recognised by her outstanding and outlandish sense of style. She is an icon in the fashion world and earned that title by working hard in her home town of London before moving to New York in 1979 and working alongside Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Tally for US Vogue. There was such a huge movement going on in Fashion and Art at this time and Isabella started moving in circles with the likes of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat putting her in the middle of the art world, subsequently incorporating this influence into her style. In 1986 Isabella moved back to London to go on to work for Tatler and then onto British Vogue. In 1997 she became Fashion Director for Sunday Times Style and then back to Tatler as the Fashion Director. 

She is known as the muse for Alexander McQueen and Phillip Treacy and many more but even though it may have looked like she was living the dream Isabella suffered silently with depression for years and later in life was diagnosed with bipola disorder and then ovarian  cancer. She was also a subject to the ugly side of the fashion industry when after discovering so much talent and working hard to further other peoples careers she was left behind. 

The story behind her wearing such extravigant headwear was "to keep everyone away from me.. They say Oh, can I kiss you? I say, No thank you very much. That's why I've worn the hat. Goodbye. I don't want to be kissed by all and sundry. I want to be kissed by the people I love."
After many suicide attempts towards the end of her life Isabella sadly died in 2007 at a weekend house party at Hilles surrounded by the people who she had worked with and loved over the years. 

This exhibition is a celebration of her work, style and life lived through clothes. Curated by people who knew her best and has inspired over many years. We recommend anyone who enjoys fashion and has a soft spot for unique style that inspires a generation and will never be imitated. 

NOVEMBER 12TH 2013 - 2ND MARCH 2014

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