Wednesday, 9 October 2013


From New York, London, Milan and Paris the hottest fashion pack have been travelling round the world following the next big thing! The shows that ran over the last 4 weeks have been full of the newest designers and trends that will have everyone talking till next season. It's just turned Autumn to us lot but some people live to pre-order straight from the catwalks and probably have cramp from tweeting #FW so much!

Here we have a quick recap of the shows and have pulled out the Summer trends we can expect to see in stores, billboards and glossy mags for the next season. We will keep going back to these too and also taking a look at what people were wearing to the shows. 


There were a few shows that included some looks with a real home made feel. Looks that reminded us of that perfect feeling when you finish a full sketchbook and you have fabric samples hanging out, threads and scrap paper stuck to it.
We all love a good clashing print but these looks were like clashing prints, textures, colours and text all thrown together with some pva glue, Art Attack style and we love it!!

It's Summer so there for white is a colour of choice and you won't get away without seeing some fresh white looks in the shows. This season those white pieces were brought to life with interesting fabrics that were layered, structured, sheer, silky and technical and the tone definitely held it's own throughout all shows.

Denim is a great fabric for the Summer and this year the designers have decided to dress it all up all prim and proper like. There is no sign of a shredded pair of jeans, salvage or decoration this season (apart from Ashish), just clean lines and fitted denim. Denim is probably the best fabric ever so we are going to be pulling all of ours out again.

Sorry folks but it looks like the pastel colour palette is also going to be around for the next season. The amount of pastel, candyfloss looks that were included in numerous collections proved that it is stuck here like bubblegum.


Keep up with Cow for more trends and street style from the shows.

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